How to Build Relationships That Stick
By: Azriel Winnett

Find true happiness through learning the tools to connect effectively with others

Whether your aim is to save a shaky marriage (or even enhance a good one), to make new friends or improve your relationship with your old ones, you need this eye-opening book. It will help you get on better with your children, your neighbors, or your colleagues in the workplace.

Topics examined include the basic communication and relationship skills that can make or break a relationship, empathy, assertiveness, emotional control, the role of a healthy self-image, and how our life experiences influence our personal interactions.

To drive home his points, the author uses riveting stories (many of them incidents that actually happened) of people in a variety of relationships - husband and wife, parent and child, doctor and patient, boss and employee and others - grappling with real life interpersonal challenges. Each short chapter ends with an exercise for the reader to help apply the principles learned in his or her own life.

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About the Author: Originally from South Africa, veteran writer, newspaper and book editor Azriel Winnett now lives near Jerusalem, Israel. He is well-known on the Internet as the creator of the popular website - Your Gateway to Better Communication Skills. In his writing, he aims to help build a happier world through pointing the happy to positive and productive change.

For people seeking real happiness (and who isn't?), surely no factor is more critical than the quality of their relationships with those near and dear to them, and indeed, with all those around them. This is a small book, but one that has already made a huge impact on people's lives.

What the experts say
"Azriel Winnett is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of interpersonal communications. In his new book, he offers practical insights into this important topic in a way that is readable and engaging. His blend of anecdotes, humor and exercises allow readers to reflect on how his concepts relate to their own lives. Highly recommended".
--Gary Harper conflict resolution specialist and author of The Joy of Conflict Resolution

"Effective communication is the glue that holds relationships together. It's a process with myriad parts, all of which are important. This is an awesome task for each of us. Thank goodness for Azriel Winnett! He takes the process apart and shares in a wonderfully easy and entertaining way how to improve the minute and the major components to end up with the answer we are all seeking: effective work and personal relationships."
--Lillian D. Bjorseth, renowned communication skills expert and author of Breakthrough Networking.

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Listen to stories from the book
and an interview with the author

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